Request HSIP Gold 2015

Please note, HSIP Gold 2015 was the last release of this data on DVD media. It is no longer supported, nor maintained, and is considered legacy data. Please note, 2015 denotes the release date of the compiled DVD to the community and does not reflect the date of publication for the data layers contained within. HSIP Gold makes up a few of the layers contained in what is now referred to as HIFLD Data. If you are looking for the most up to date data, please visit the “About” tab to review the HIFLD data offerings. 

HSIP Gold is a unified homeland infrastructure geospatial data inventory assembled by NGA in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for official use by the Homeland Security and Homeland Defense (HLS/HD) communities. It is a compilation of over 560 geospatial datasets characterizing domestic infrastructure and boundaries assembled from a variety of Federal agencies, commercial vendors, and State mission partners. HSIP Gold 2015, in its entirety, is unclassified; it is subject to the handling and distribution rules for "Unclassified For Official Use Only" due to licensing and sharing restrictions set forth by the data source entities.

Licensed Restrictions
Due to licensing restrictions, NGA can only disseminate HSIP Gold to those requestors who are validated as Federal Interagency members of the HLS/HD Community (or their supporting National Guard Forces, contractors, and consultants). If you would still like to request a DVD copy of this legacy data, please send an email to the HIFLD inbox at: 

To request a copy of the HSIP DVDs, please send an email to the HIFLD Inbox with your HSIN username and your justification for requesting this legacy data set.


The information contained herein is marked U//FOUO for the exclusive use of Government and Contractor personnel with need-to-know HIFLD information. Such information is specifically prohibited from posting on unrestricted websites or other unrestricted applications.